Dangerous Beauty is out today!

Stephanie Spicer is looking for love in her sixth erotic romance novella. Get set for a sizzling read as Stephanie is forced to decide between business success or her own true happiness.

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Music is like fine wine

I finally got my copy of Mollie Marriott’s single Control yesterday. It was a promo copy, and the notes on the back say “Her sassy soulful blues vocals are full of influences that belie her young years. She can find a raw emotional edge that the best rock and soul singers have.”

I’ll drink to that! It’s a great song, sung by a great singer.

Soul Tattoo is published today!

Fans of Stephanie Spicer’s Erotic Touch Romance stories will love her fifth novella, Soul Tattoo, which is published today, as Stephanie has to choose if it will be her head or heart that will decide her romantic future in the sizzling summer sun.

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Extract from Soul Tattoo

“Sounds like an incredible experience, Steph” said Adam as he finished eating.

The pair were in the dining car of the Caledonian Sleeper as it rattled through the night to Scotland.

Stephanie looked across the table at her project manager. His piercing blue eyes always made him look stern, though Stephanie knew there was more to Adam Lancaster than his rather formal looks. Stephanie had enjoyed an intimate night with Adam and Rick’s PA, Nix, a while back. She smiled at the thought.

“I also met the company’s sportswear endorser, Kelly Finch, whilst I was there” whispered Stephanie. “I’m sure you remember her.”

“Yes, of course. That ride to that awards event in the limousine was unforgettable.”

A sly grin played over Stephanie’s lips as she replayed the event in her mind.

“And did you…well, you know..?”

“Do you want to know all my secrets Adam?”

“You seem to have so many, Steph. You’re like a deep well. I’m not sure I could ever get to the bottom of you.”

“Would you like to try?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Adam grinned. His designer stubble seemed to frame his wide smile. Standing up, he offered Stephanie his hand. As she took it, he pulled her close towards him. Running his fingers through her mane of golden yellow hair, he whispered in her ear.

“I thought you never took work home with you..”

“Who says you’re work?”

“In that case, shall we retire for the evening?”

“I once said that I’d have to get close to your designer stubble to see if I found you attractive.”

“And what’s the verdict, Stephanie?”

“I’ll tell you in the morning” she giggled, gave him her best ‘come to bed eyes’and pulled him towards the carriage door.

The pair retraced their way back through several carriages to the first class berths and stood outside their adjoining cabins.

“Your place or mine?” teased Stephanie.

“It’s always better in a lady’s boudoir” came the quick reply.

The writer’s muse

All writers get their inspiration from a wide variety of different sources, but with myself, some of it comes from listing to truly great music.

When you find a singer that can engage you like a muse, then you know it’s something special, so I’m delighted to be listening to Mollie Marriott’s wonderful voice on Truth is a Wolf, a 2015 release that remains on my CD player with hardly a break.

I hope others get the opportunity to see Mollie on tour this year as I did, as she is awesome!

Mollie Marriott 070

Deep Desires Press Beach Party

The Deep Desires Press authors are looking forward to seeing you at their special Beach Party tomorrow.

The party will start at 10:30am (US Central time)/4.30pm (UK time), and will include author live writes, special discounts and giveaways. It’s a great opportunity to chat to your favourite Deep Desires Press authors live at the party, so don’t be shy – get those beach towels out, relax and be prepared for some seriously hot fun!

You can join the fun here

I’ll be co-hosting the event at 1:30pm (US Central time)/7.30pm (UK time), so please drop by and say ‘hello’.


Deep Desires Press Beach Party

Join me, Gemma Stone, for the first annual Deep Desires Press Beach Party!

Hosted by many of the fabulous Deep Desires Press authors it will be a day of fun, games, giveaways, live writes, teasers, cover reveals, and more!

Whether you’re looking for your next great read, or you want to meet our amazing authors, or you’re looking for some fun for a lazy summer Saturday, this party is for you!

Join the party on Saturday July 29th for all the fun! Deep Desires Press


Authors will be announced soon. The start and end time of the event may change, depending on scheduling.


Soul Tattoo by Gemma Stone

Gemma Stone’s fifth Stephanie Spicer novella is published by Deep Desires Press on 15th August and finds the sexually-charged creative director trying to re-focus her romantic life when her true love, Rick, departs. When her boss lets Stephanie take a much-needed holiday abroad, she seems destined to find solace in the arms of another, until a revelation about her lost lover offers hope their relationship will re-ignite.  Torn between finding passion with a handsome businessman in the heat of the night or keeping her cool and remaining loyal to Rick when her heart still desperately craves him,  Stephanie must decide whether to finally leave the past behind. But has Rick forever marked her heart with a soul tattoo?

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